Offramps 5K

April 27th, 2024

Welcome to our 9th Annual Offramps 5K! We’re so glad you’ve chosen to join us to show your continued commitment to ending human trafficking.

All proceeds will go directly to Freekind to fund education and prevention efforts, victim services, and continuing efforts to end human trafficking.


The Offramps 5K is an annual event hosted by Freekind to raise awareness of human trafficking and funds to support our prevention and restoration programs. The name of the event refers to our work in creating “offramps to freedom” for victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Because traffickers have stolen away their freedom and manipulated them into believing that there is no other path for them, Freekind works to restore their hope, by providing practical support to give them a way out. By joining us for our annual 5K, you are part of creating offramps to freedom for survivors of human trafficking.



Freekind is on a mission to support survivors on their journey to freedom and prevent the next generation from having their childhood stolen away by traffickers. We offer awareness and industry-specific training, a nationally recognized prevention education curriculum for youth, and restorative services for criminalized victims. With your help, we can protect our children and restore freedom, hope and belonging to survivors of human trafficking. Will you join us?