Ambassador Team


I started running 5k races in middle school, did my first half marathon when I was 14, first full marathon at 21, and now at 25 running my first 100 mile race at Javelina 2022. I started running because my mother is a runner and it was a way for us to bond. Now it’s my form of meditation and the reason I met my wife.

My Sprints hat. When I first moved to VA, day 1, I went to Point 2 for a hat. I got the hat and met Ruthie who introduced me to a group of runners who I see every week now and consider family.

Noland Trail 50k. Did the relay last year and it was just a blast to hang out with everyone and make a day out of the event.

October 2022 Javelina Jundred, I’ll be deployed for a little while and because of that I’ll be attempting some non-aided 50 mile races while deployed. When I return to the states, hopefully crewing/pacer for Leadville 100.


I started running because, in short, I was bored. I had a summer internship that was only part-time and couldn’t find another job, so I decided to start running in the middle of my first summer in Hampton Roads. Needless to say, it was pretty miserable. The only time I had attempted running before was for one season of track in high school, where I consistently placed last or just above last place, and I quit as soon as that season ended.

In 2019 I received an unexpected email about the One City Marathon – I had deferred the year before and completely forgot about it. With no training, only a few miles under my belt, and the full-blown flu the week prior, I achieved my big goal of breaking 4 hours. I figured I could do better, and in 2020 I qualified for the Boston Marathon at One City as well – with much better training this time, of course!

Since then I have been able to race a lot of other distances while continuing to get faster. The highlight of my running journey so far was placing 94th female at the 2022 Boston Marathon (out of over 10,000 other runners) with a time of 2:53. It was by far my proudest moment, and I hope the best is yet to come!

My favorite recent purchase has been the Brooks sports bras. They are extremely comfortable, don’t rub, and they’re pretty enough to feel good in while I run.

My favorite Flat Out race is the One City Marathon – it’s the first marathon I ever ran and it provided by Boston qualifying time to enter the 2022 Boston Marathon! Pacing the 3:00 group this year was another highlight.

If I can make it the next 24 months, my goal is to qualify for the Olympic Trials Marathon, which involves running a qualifying race at 2 hours, 37 minutes or less!


Started running while active in the Navy in 1994.  At first it was because the Navy made me do it.  I started to enjoy running. Now it’s something I do to help with everyday stress, improve my mental health especially in my line of work, meet new like minded people, and stay physically fit.

The Point 2 singlet. It’s very soft and breathable fabric for my long runs outside.

5K on the Runway. It’s a fast course to try to get a PR on and I love the idea of running on the airport runway.

Would like to run my first 100K sometime this year.


Started dedicated running in 2006 never expecting to go longer than 6 miles. Today I have completed more ultra marathons (9) then marathons (7) with longest distance of 76 miles. Motivation for running is multi-faceted. First and foremost is health with a life goal to keep moving well into old life while meeting new, like minded, motivating people. It also takes me places I would never go otherwise: other countries; running through the woods, early morning as the sun is rising with a cool breeze making you feel alive, energetic, and motivated; and pushing me into uncomfortable and challenging places and succeeding.

Customer support and the Altra Torin running shoe — Love the wide toe box and zero drop.

Chills in the Mill: Harwoods Half Marthon.  Woods and trails.  Can’t beat a good single track trail in the woods.

Expose more people to the great running community and knock out some new ultra races and complete a 100 mile race.


I have a long running journey. I ran HS track and joined the Army shortly after graduation.  Running was my favorite part of the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test). I retired in 2010 and stop running for a bit, I also gained about 40lbs in the process. I got serious about losing the weight and returned to running. My favorite distance is the 5k but I’ve run just about all the distances.

I love getting my NUUN sports drink on Fridays during happy hour.

My favorite Flat-Out Events race is the Glowing Gobbler because I get to run. Better yet walk it with my daughter.

One of my running goals is to continue my run streak, which I have maintained since November 2015, and to stay health and injury free.


I played around with running in my early twenties as a way to lose weight, but never really stuck with it. After I had my youngest child, I picked it back up and this time I fell in love with it. The 2013 Chick-Fil-A 5K was my first race and I was hooked from that point on. Running rejuvenates me and provides me with a way to clear my head and work out all the details of the day.  

Shoes!!! A girl can never have enough shoes.

The Glowing Gobbler: I love running through the Christmas Lights.

My biggest goal is to continue to find my joy in running. I would also like to reach some goals that I have been flirting with over the past couple of years, such as to finally have a 150 mile month and PR some distances.


I started running so I could get to various checkpoints to see my son who ran cross county. It was a mile here or there for several years, nothing serious. Then I did my first 5k in 2011. I caught the running bug and did my first half in 2012, my first full in 2014, and first ultra in 2019.

I choose to shop at Point 2 because I love the collective knowledge and expertise of your employees. But if I had to choose I would say Rabbit apparel.

Chills in the Mills and Noland Trail 50k – because I have a passion for trail running.

I would like to try to qualify for Boston in 2023 and do another vacation run maybe the Athens Greece marathon.


My mother was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic shortly after my daughter was born. I found myself on a slippery slope, following her down the same path. I began running to be healthier personally and a better role model for my daughter. Once I started participating in races in 2011, I fell in love with the running community and adore my running family!

Shoes. All of the shoes! The staff is awesome at helping me find the right pair for me!

The Glowing Gobbler is always a fantastic time, seeing such diversity and families participating and having a great time is the best. However, it is tied with OCM! That race melts my heart to see so many people accomplish something so epic.

I want to run all of the races and be there to support others on the courses! I am also contemplating a couple of international races (Athens, Dublin….) for 2023! Runcations are the BEST!!


It’s hard to be brief when running is such a big part of my life now. It’s been about a decade now that I have gotten back into running. What started as a casual run a few days a week turned into trying some races. Then began the journey of if I can do a half marathon then why not a full, and then I discovered the ultras. A 50k, then a 50 miler, and eventually all the way up to a 100 miler. I’ve made many friends along the way and now my fourth year as I’m an ambassador. 

The clothing. I probably wear a shirt with Point 2 on it everyday, and yes I have on the Point 2 ten year anniversary shirt on underneath my scrubs.

I enjoy all of them. If I had to pick one it would be the Chick-fil-a 10K. It was one of my first races when I got back to running.  

I plan to keep running and then run some more. I will keep trying to qualify for Boston. I also would like to get another 100 miler, so I can say I did more than one.


I have enjoyed running for as long as I can remember. I completed my first 5k while in elementary school. I went on to join the cross country and track and field teams in middle school and high school, which is when I discovered my preference for middle- and long-distance running. In the fall of 2017, I registered for my first marathon at the encouragement of another runner I met at a Point 2 group run. Since then, I have completed more than ten marathons and several ultramarathons. I run to challenge myself physically and emotionally, and because the running community is like no other!

My favorite product at Point 2 is the Brooks Hyperion Tempo running shoe. It’s practically weightless and so comfortable. It’s possible that I have purchased this shoe in a variety of colors over the years!!

My favorite Flat-Out Events race is the Noland Trail 50K & Relay. This trail race includes it all: a pirate theme, socializing with other runners between laps, the best Aid Station supplies and snacks, encouraging volunteers, and of course, friendly competition.

My running goal in the next twelve months is to run an international marathon.


I started running when I joined one of my daughters in a Couch to 10K training program. Our goal was to run the Monument Avenue 10K in Richmond. We did it! I was 58 when I started and ran a marathon at 65. It’s never too late people.

There are so many products I love at Point 2, but Rabbit apparel is at the top of the list. Rabbit is so soft, comfortable and durable. The EZ tees are my favorites.

My favorite Flat-Out Events race is the One City Marathon Weekend because it’s a hometown event. The courses are flat and fast. I’ve run all the distances—5K, 8K, Relay, Half and Full.

I’ve had to cut back on my mileage recently, so my goal in the next 12 months is to better my 5, 8 and 10K runs.


I started running 9 years ago to check off a bucket list item (run a marathon) — ran the first One City Marathon and have continued running.

Hoka running shoes — specifically the Clifton model. Those shoes eliminated my knee pain.

It’s a toss-up between OCM and the Noland Trail Relay. Both races have a great vibe and post-race celebration. I like the health benefits associated with training for OCM in the winter when I would typically be less active. For the Noland Trail Relay, I enjoy the team atmosphere (running with my kids/my wife hangs out with us) and the tortuga is pretty awesome!

Make it to the OCM starting line!


I started running in my early thirties when my F-15 pilot neighbor needed a running buddy, and I needed exercise and quiet time from three young ones.  I never expected to become “addicted” but… many miles, friends, marathons, and ultras later… here I am in my fifties grateful to still be running outside! Slower…but still smiling!

Hoka Mach 5 shoes – my go-to standard shoe these days.  I like the lower heel drop, the responsive feel, and the way it feels like it is helping to propel me along on a soft cushioned surface.  I have to say also… Body Glide also comes to mind as one of my most appreciated products!

One City Marathon… fast, flat, usually great weather, and well-organized.  I love that it gives the opportunity to go all the way from one end of Newport News to the other. 

Coming soon —Javelina Jundred — which will be a new desert 100 mile experience, I would also like to try to increase some speed at the marathon and half marathon distances with the goal of moving down the marathon time.  Ultimately, I always have in the back of my mind if maybe one day a Boston Qualifier could be possible again.


I started running the summer before I started high school at Menchville. I remember I showed up to the first practice in jean shorts – I had no idea what I was doing! But I loved it from the beginning: the camaraderie of the team, setting goals and accomplishing them, and it just felt good. And now it’s 20+ years later and I still love it. Part of what keeps it fresh for me over the years is participating in a variety of race types and distances. Each one has its own unique strategy and challenges. My absolute favorite is trail running. We have so many fabulous trails in the Tidewater area and I like to spend time outdoors exploring new places.

I LOVE the Balega socks! They are so thick and cushiony. I love wearing them for trail runs when my feet would otherwise get banged up. They absorb the impact and keep my feet protected and comfortable.

The Noland Trail 50k, without a doubt! Who doesn’t want to spend all day on the beautiful Noland Trail? It’s a no-brainer! Flat-Out Events makes this such a fun event. The aid stations have everything you could ask for and the crowd support is huge. Plus, there’s a great after party. I look forward to this race every year.

I’m planning to do more speed work in the next 12 months. I would like to really work on improving my half marathon and 10k times, in particular. There’s always room for improvement!


I began running in high school as a sprinter. Once around the track was far enough for me. That didn’t last long as I was soon recruited for Cross Country. I have been running ever since and running makes me who I am. My favorite place to run is on a trail, especially along the water. I enjoy long runs with friends which help the miles fly by. I also enjoy the competition at our local races and meeting other runners. I ran my first, and second, 50k this year and loved it. Who knew ultra-running could be so fun! Next up is a 24-hour race?! When I am not running, I am teaching Kindergarten, paddle-boarding, visiting our 2 children or exploring our state parks.

My favorite product is really anything Rabbit, but specifically the fun prints of the Surf-n-Turf shorts.

This year I want to work on strength training to improve my running. My biggest challenge will be running my first 24 hour race!

I was honored when I was asked to become a Point 2 Ambassador. I am often approached with questions about anything running, and I love spreading the word to the community.


I enjoy running for the solitude and calmness it brings and the people you meet and get to know. My best thinking is done when my mind gets lost during a run. It doesn’t matter whether it’s short, long, trail, road, or a race. A run is often the best way for me to work through problems. Or to spend time with family (Wendy and our two grown kids) and friends. The people I have shared miles with know me better than those I only know through my work as a Navy Civilian or some other organization. In addition to being an Ambassador for Point 2 Running Company, I am involved with the Tidewater Striders and run with the Kempsville Run Club. It was great to see all the running clubs that have blossomed as folks sought an escape and sense of community during COVID. I now find myself enjoying conversations with new runners about all the great opportunities that are in the local running community. So many races, so many clubs, so many chances to meet new runners. In short runners are awesome and often willing to share a post run beer.

My favorite product at Point 2 is my blue and gray POINT 2 RUNNING COMPANY Boco trucker running hat. Why? It keeps the sweat out of my eyes, the sun off my head, and is ventilated to keep me cool. I like how it looks. Bonus it reps Point 2.

Running Goals the next 12 months are to run the year and all the races that help compile the miles.

It started at run club just talking with everyone, that led to more time in the store talking with everyone, fast forward I am now in my second year of being an Ambassador, having a blast.


Over the years, I had become less active, more lethargic, and increasingly unhealthy. In 2020, the additional stress and weight gained from dealing with the Covid pandemic and shutdowns pushed me to a breaking point. I made some lifestyle changes to incorporate healthier eating and regular exercise. I started participating in a local run club and quickly fell in love with running and the run community. I completed my first half marathon in March of 2021, and my first 100 miler in May of 2022. I enjoy the accomplished feeling of running hard for a half-marathon. But, if given the choice, I would rather run far than run fast.

At Point 2, the customer service is top notch, and the people are incredible. Aside from that, they offer a great selection of shoes and gear to keep me running comfortably and safely in all types of weather and conditions.

For 2023, I am focusing on fitness, and I anticipate that it will lead to new distance and time PRs. I am most excited about participating in the 24 Hour Virginia Run for Cancer and pushing my limits at the JATR’s Backyard Ultramarathon this year.

Running has had such a huge impact on my life, and I want to spread the joy of running to anyone that will listen. Point 2 fitted me for my very first pair of running shoes and has continued to partner with me along every step of this amazing journey.


In the fall of 2020, reality set in that I was significantly overweight and spiraling down an ugly path. Along with a healthy diet, running became the thing that lifted me up out of the muck. I wasn’t new to running, but I was new to regular exercise. I became an active member of the Kempsville Run Club and through regular group runs, I lost 60 pounds over the next year. My motto is, “you must do uncommon things, to get uncommon results.” I went from couch potato to ultra runner and I truly believe anyone can run ultras. I am blessed every day to be part of the incredible running community we have in Hampton Roads.

My Point 2 Boco Gear beanie is probably the most used gear in my possession along with my Point 2 Boco Gear visor. I also love Feetures socks and my Shokz headphones – essentials for running!

The next year holds some distance challenges for me. I’ll be running the Virginia 24 Hour Run for Cancer and our local JATR Backyard Ultra that will test my mental and physical strength. Beyond that, I’ll focus on building strength and continue to enjoy this amazing community of runners. I never get tired of hearing someone’s journey to running.


I need everyone to know about my people. Point 2 is so much more than a retail store. This is a place where you can get advice, support, and probably someone to run with along with some great gear. I walked in there 60 pounds overweight looking for an answer and found the most supportive crew. I want everyone to have this success.