Ambassador Team


I started running in elementary school, and ran on my middle school and high school track and cross country teams. I ran my first half marathon in my late 20s and said I’d *never* run a marathon. I’ve now run 16 marathons and several ultras. I truly just enjoy running, spending time with others who enjoy running, and being able to eat whatever I want!!

I love the Brooks Hyperion Tempo shoes. They are so light, comfortable, and come in great colors.


I started running in April 2021. One of my best friends was going through a hard time and needed a win and I thought let’s try something hard! Let’s try running a mile! The first day we ran .7 miles and then I swore I would never do it again. It was not love at first run. However, we signed up for Chickfila 5k and started training. The first time we ran 3.1 miles without stopping was on race day. Needless to say, it was a PR. From then on, we just didn’t stop. I started training for the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon in the fall of 2022 and then I did my first marathon in the fall of 2023. Now I love long distance running and I couldn’t imagine life without it. 🙂

My shoes, duh! I’m running in Asic Gel-Nimbus and it’s my third time buying them! When I first started running I was hurting all the time and never understood why. Once I got fitted for the right shoes, all the pain went away! I tell everyone who starts running to make sure they have quality shoes that fit them well before they start!

I love the Chick-Fil-a 5k! It holds so many memories for me now and it is just a fun run! I also love that there are multiple distances for new or experienced runners!

I am running one city half marathon in 2024 and hoping to run another marathon by the end of the year! I would love to run One City Marathon in 2025!!


I began my running journey about 4 Years ago and I cannot see myself not running at least 3 miles a day.

My favorite product is the Ghost Brooks.

I love the 5K on the Runway, because It is a every unique race and its something that’s never been done.

My running Goal is to complete my daily 5K at a 8 minute Mile pace.


I started my running journey in 2019 when I was deployed. All of the 5Ks at this deployment gave away free t-shirts so I had an incentive. I had gotten into a depressive funk so I was really unmotivated to do anything. I started running 15 minutes without stopping and went from there.

My favorite product are the Huma chia energy gels. They are easy to consume and yummy!

My favorite event is the Chick-fil-A 10K. You can’t beat getting a chicken sandwich at the end!

I am currently training for the Chicago Marathon in October. I am hoping I can get to New York and London someday. I want to eventually run a sub 6 hour marathon so I have some work to do.


I started running in high school, when I found out that I liked running track and field more than soccer. I didn’t know much about running, so I didn’t make much progress in high school. I took a few years off running in college. A friend invited me to their Ragnar team, which rekindled my love of running. As I trained more, I got faster, and I liked running more. It’s been a virtuous cycle ever since.

The Saucony Endorphin Elite. It is very stable, and the foam is very compliant.

The Chick-Fil-A 10k is an amazing family event. My kids love the warmup with the cows. The post-race party also has so much for kids to do.

Volunteer every month with a focus on building the running community, run the Boston Marathon, PR in the 5k, 10k, and half marathon


So I could “see” my son when he was running cross country.

Hard to say… ON shoes & maybe Rabbit apparel

Noland Trial 50k & Relay – running on trials surrounded by a family fun fall festival atmosphere what is not to love?

Athens Marathon in November and try to BQ in 2023


I ran the first One City Marathon (10 years ago) as a bucket list item and have run it every year since. I continue to run for health reasons and for the friendships and comradery. I’ve met some incredible folks during this journey.

Hoka (Clifton model) running shoes. They are light and soft (and helped my knee pain disappear).

Toss-up between One City Marathon and Noland Trail Relay. I like the idea of training for the marathon in the winter when I would typically be less active. Both races are very festive and the post race celebrations are incredible.

Make it to the start line of One City Marathon—and finish!


I began running as a way to relieve stress. Around 2021 I met some wonderful people who have become some of my best friends and are my running family. I love running for the bling (I consider myself a bit of a medal whore). I challenged myself this past October and ran my first marathon, Marine Corps. I am proud to say I finished and am signed up for my next one. I will train this summer for Richmond Marathon in November.

My favorite Point 2 products are GOODR sunglasses. I absolutely love the colors and special names of them. They are fun and great conversation starters!

My favorite Flat-Out Events race is the 5K on the Runway because it is flat and fast! It is a cool experience running on the tarmac.

I ran my first marathon, MCM in October and have signed up for another marathon. I will train this summer for Richmond Marathon in November.


After retiring from the Navy in 2007, I said I was done with running. “I ain’t gotta, and you can’t make me. 10 years later an Army buddy of mine talked me into starting again. I said fine, but I’m not crazy like you and I’m not gonna do a marathon. Two marathons, a 50k, and a bunch of 5Ks, 10Ks, and trail races later, here we are.

The Run Local shirts are my favorites because of what the stand for. All the work that the point 2 team puts in to supporting the local running scene and local community

One City Weekend. There’s something for everyone – the 5K, the half, the full, and the challenges when you just have to go above and beyond.

This year I’m concentrating on recovering from some injuries so that I can keep running for many years to come.


Started dedicated running in 2006 never expecting to go longer than 6 miles. Today I have completed more ultra marathons (9) than marathons (7) with longest distance of 76 miles. Motivation for running is multi-faceted. First and foremost is health with a life goal to keep moving well into old life meeting new, like minded, motivating people. It also takes me places I would never go otherwise: other countries, running through the woods, early morning as the sun is rising with a cool breeze making you feel alive, energetic, and motivated, and pushing me into uncomfortable and challenging places and succeeding.

Noland Trail Relay. Challenging. Community of fun, party during the race in the Tortuga.

Run and volunteer to support more road races, build up to longer distances and accomplishing ultra marathons, 50K and 50 miler respectively. Don’t think I’m ready or have time, but ultimate goal is to accomplish a 100 mile race. Staying healthy and getting aerobically stronger.


I have been running for over a decade now. I was the 5k, then a 10k, then a half that gave me confidence to run my first marathon. Next thing you know I’m signing up for more marathons and even ultra marathons. My record is 100 miles at the VA 24 Hr Run for Cancer. Over the years I made some great friends and became a part of the local running community. The training and support of these people lead me last year to my fastest marathon (3:17) at the 2023 One City marathon at the age of 51. This got me my first Boston Qualifier. I will be running my first World marathon in April at Boston.

Big fan of the Brooks 2 in 1 running shorts. They’re my favorite pair. Need to buy more.

My favorite is the Chick-Fil-A 10K.
It was my first 10k and the race that started connecting me to the local running community.


I was getting to the point I thought I would never qualify. Chris Laflame was standing at the corner of the last turn at One City with 0.2 miles to go. He was the first to hear me say “Im going to Boston!”


I ran on and off in college but did not start running regularly until my mid 20s. I mostly ran as a way to stay in shape. Over time running has become a crucial part of my overall mental and physical well being. In December of 2008, I ran my first 5K and I was hooked. I have been racing ever since!

I enjoy the variety of nutrition products that Point 2 offers. I go there for all of my long run needs!

I absolutely love the Glowing Gobbler! I have run that race every year since it started and I always enjoy running the brisk fall air through the beautiful lights in Newport News park. It is an amazing way to see the lights and celebrate the season!

In the next 12 months, I would like to run an ultra marathon and I would also like to add another world major marathon to my list.


I started running in 2012, in my 40s. I had never been consistent with fitness and wanted to find something I could do without having to plan. I’m proud to have lured several friends into this crazy sport!

I’m a sucker for Sprints hats – I have over 25 and counting!

Glowing Gobbler is so much fun! I love running through the lights!

My goal is to get some speed back! I know the work I need to do and I’m moving in the right direction. Ultimately I’d like to run One City Marathon!


I only started running earlier this year (January ’23). Running was always painful for me, and never fun. Finding the right shoes and changing my mindset has changed my life in regards to running.

My Hoka Clifton 9s. They aren’t my favorite shoes anymore, however they were the first shoes I owned that fit correctly and didn’t cause me copious amounts of pain while running. They changed my running world, and will always hold a special place in the shoe rotation until they wear through.

I really enjoy the Noland 50K relay, and am really looking forward to the Chill in The Mill Half in January!

I’m running a couple of 50K races (for the first time), and am hoping to potentially look at some that are a little bit longer. My big goal for next year is the UTMB Speedgoat 50K in Utah next July!


I started running competitively when I was six in a 4th of July one mile run. I did a little cross country in middle school and then mainly soccer where I played midfield. In college, I realized I was a long distance runner and started doing 5Ks, 10Ks, then half marathons. Since then I’ve completed countless 5K/10Ks, dozens of half marathons, four marathons, and almost 2 half Ironmans (first one with a bum ankle so didn’t run). Until recently, you could find myself or my husband pushing our two kids in a double wide stroller, but lately we have been running with them. They both have been “running” with us since they were around 5-6 weeks old!

My next running goal is to finish the Shamrock Half marathon in 1:45. I finished it last year in 1:47. I sprained my ankle pretty bad this past June so it’s been hard working on speed since then.

My favorite product at Point 2 is any Rabbit item. I love how soft everything is from that company!


Got suckered into a Triathlon in Grad School. Ran off and on through the years, but got more serious and consistent Post-Covid

Work on my Half-Marathon times with a goal of breaking the 2 hr mark. Work up the courage to take on a Full.


I began running in high school as a sprinter. Once around the track was far enough for me. That didn’t last long though. I was soon recruited for the Cross Country team. I have been running ever since. My favorite place to run is on a trail, especially along the water. I enjoy long runs with friends which help the miles fly by. I also enjoy the competition at our local races and meeting other runners.

My favorite product is the Surf- n-Turf shorts, but really anything made by Rabbit.

I have been injured for the past year, so my goal is to get stronger and slowly increase my mileage.


I enjoy running for the solitude and calmness it brings and the people you meet and get to know. My best thinking is done when my mind gets lost during a run. It doesn’t matter whether it’s short, long, trail, road, or a race. A run is often the best way for me to work through problems. Or to spend time with family (Wendy and our two grown kids) and friends. The people I have shared miles with know me better than those I only know through my work as a Navy Civilian or some other organization. In addition to being an Ambassador for Point 2 Running Company, I am involved with the Tidewater Striders and run with the Kempsville Run Club. It was great to see all the running clubs that have blossomed as folks sought an escape and sense of community during COVID. I now find myself enjoying conversations with new runners about all the great opportunities that are in the local running community. So many races, so many clubs, so many chances to meet new runners. In short runners are awesome and often willing to share a post run beer.

Running Goals the next 12 months are to run the year and all the races that help compile the miles.


Over the years, I had become less active, more lethargic, and increasingly unhealthy. In 2020, the additional stress and weight gained from dealing with the Covid pandemic and shutdowns pushed me to a breaking point. I made some lifestyle changes to incorporate healthier eating and regular exercise. I started participating in a local run club and quickly fell in love with running and the run community. I completed my first half marathon in March of 2021, and my first 100 miler in May of 2022. I enjoy the accomplished feeling of running hard for a half-marathon. But, if given the choice, I would rather run far than run fast.

Aside from the great shoes, comfy running apparel, and excellent customer service, I really enjoy using my Sprints car seat towel to keep my ride dry after a run.

I’d love to set a mileage PR at the 2024 JATR Backyard Ultramarathon!


In the fall of 2020, reality set in that I was significantly overweight and spiraling down an ugly path. Along with a healthy diet, running became the thing that lifted me up out of the muck. I wasn’t new to running, but I was new to regular exercise. I became an active member of the Kempsville Run Club and through regular group runs, I lost 60 pounds over the next year. My motto is, “you must do uncommon things, to get uncommon results.” I went from couch potato to ultra runner and I truly believe anyone can run ultras. I am blessed every day to be part of the incredible running community we have in Hampton Roads.

My Point 2 Boco Gear beanie is probably the most used gear in my possession along with my Point 2 Boco Gear visor. I also love Feetures socks and my Shokz headphones – essentials for running!

The next year holds some distance challenges for me. I’ll be running the Virginia 24 Hour Run for Cancer and our local JATR Backyard Ultra that will test my mental and physical strength. Beyond that, I’ll focus on building strength and continue to enjoy this amazing community of runners. I never get tired of hearing someone’s journey to running.