$5 5K with The Youth Volunteer Corps

66 runners attended our last $5 5k of the 2019 season and opened their wallets for a very worthy cause! 

The Youth Volunteer Corps of Hampton Roads, a branch of the national Youth Volunteer Corps foundation, finds ways to instill upon the youth of the Hampton Roads area a lifelong passion for service. Students are challenged to become more engaged in the Newport News community, in turn helping others and bettering the community at large. After this run we were able to donate $358 to these amazing kids.

Reach Out

As a small business, Point 2 cares about giving back to the community where we live. In the Fall of 2016, we launched the Point 2 Priorities Program. With this program, any local nonprofit, charity, community partner, school, etc. is invited to share about their upcoming needs.

Have an idea for a Point 2 Priorities partnership? Or want to help us in our next initiative? 
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