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Point 2 refers to a distance: 385 yards or 2/10 of a mile. In a marathon, the final .2 miles is a special stretch of the course–your body hurts all over, your quads are screaming, your lungs are burning… But you made it! Months or even years of training are now behind you and the crowd has been cheering you on the entire race.

But even if the marathon isn’t your goal, there is another 2/10 of a mile that is just as special and just as important. Perhaps it’s the first .2 miles you’ve ever run, or the first back after a long hiatus. Or perhaps it’s those first steps from your front porch to the end of your street.

Whatever your goal may be–whether it be completing a marathon or just getting started–we are dedicated to helping you reach your Point 2. read more ›


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Hampton, VA