Sports bras aren't designed for running Brooks Run Bras are.

A running bra is one of the most important pieces of gear in the closet of many female runners and walkers. A supportive bra can help reduce unwanted movement and make you more comfortable as you workout.

Dare Collection

The Dare Collection is made with built-in molded cups to hold you in, reduce motion, and deliver support. They also offer a streamlined design that delivers a comfortable fit in a variety of sizes and styles.

Drive Collection

The Drive Collection is made with a flexible fabric that moves with you and hugs your body with comfortable compression. This collection also offers coverage options with removable cups.

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In STore Bra Fitting

    With all the options to pick from, finding the perfect run bra might seem intimidating. Stop by one of our locations to get a complimentary bra fitting and find your perfect match.